Our Story

We are an IoT startup that is a spin-off of ERG Automation, an established engineering company active since 2009.
Our co-founder Mehmet received a rather odd request in 2019 from one of his clients, a private hospital director:

“Can we measure how well our personnel is washing their hands?"

This challenge kicked off a patented and TUBITAK-financed R&D project that measures how well hands are washed via a camera module equipped with state-of-the-art computer vision and AI technology– first of its kind.

The need for constant hand hygiene monitoring in hospitals was clear. That is how ERG Controls was born, and that is why we developed YIKA-Hand Hygiene Monitoring System on top of this technology to track all hand hygiene activities and their moments in compliance with WHO.

The pandemic only exacerbated the need and demand for hand hygiene. And that is why we expanded YIKA to work within restaurant kitchens, supermarkets, and manufacturing facilities.

About YIKA

We are now an energetic yet experienced team of 14 located in ITU Ari Teknokent, Istanbul. We work day and night to make our vision a reality, which is simple but unapologetically grand:

We will bring high-level hand hygiene everywhere and to all.

Always with us.

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