Take the next step in hand hygiene compliance.

YIKA-Hand Hygiene Monitoring System™ is an end-to-end IoT technology that proactively tracks and reports all hand hygiene activities in your facility.

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Badges show hand hygiene status: red for contaminated, green for clean.

Badges show hand hygiene status: red for contaminated, green for clean.

Badges interact with YIKA-equipped soap and sanitizer dispensers on hand hygiene activities.

The system proactively tracks hand hygiene at WHO Moments 1,4,5 by creating patient protection zones.

Data is analyzed to generate actionable insights over the dashboard.

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Hospital-acquired infections are a dire problem that can largely be prevented. In the US and EU alone:

more than


people contract HAIs every year

more than


of them lose their lives

more than


direct costs due to HAIs

lower than


average hand hygiene compliance per CDC

Resources: WHO, CDC

 Avoid malpractice cases with YIKA.

Maximum compliance

Build a lasting hand hygiene culture. Visualize areas to be improved, maximize and sustain hand hygiene compliance.

No manual effort

Ditch pen and paper. Automate this exhausting process. Digitalize and export all data.

Lower HAI cases

Both WHO’s and our studies show that 50% of HAI cases can be prevented with proper hand hygiene compliance.

Same-year ROI

Study suggests that every $1 spent on IP returns as $1.1. In addition, prevent malpractice lawsuits and maximize brand equity.

YIKA is powered with Ultra-wideband, a high-precision and high-speed positioning technology. Send reminders to personnel at the right moments and visualize hand hygiene status. No disruption to workflow, no need to wait.

Where state-of-the-art technology meetshand hygiene compliance.

Proprietary AI and Computer Vision algorithms measure the correctness of hand hygiene movements according to WHO. Handwashing activity is assigned to the personnel badge only if hands are washed correctly.

From data to actionable insights.

Tag-specific, patient bed-specific, profession-specific, unit-wide, hospital-wide hand hygiene compliance rates over time

Smart insights on low-performing shifts, personnel, and areas

Patient visits vs. individual dispenser usage over time

Export data to Excel